Attention E-Patrol Members!
A Message from the Vice President.


February 27, 1996
E Patrol Foundation
P.O. Box 30207
Kansas City, Missouri 64112

Dear Friends:

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone participating in the E Patrol Foundation and Earth Pledge Foundation Art Contest. Certainly, all of you deserve to be commended for your hard work.

I am always pleased to learn about the efforts of young people, like you, who are interested in finding ways to clean up our planet. By participating in this contest, you are helping to create a better awareness of the environmental problems currently facing citizens around the world.

Preservation of our valuable natural resources is of particular importance to me. I became interested in the protection of our environment at an early age. My experiences growing up on our family farm taught me first hand the importance of a healthy environment. I have carried that knowledge with me, applying it to my personal and professional life today.

I am pleased that you have taken steps to become informed of the dangers associated with a polluted environment. I hope that you will continue your efforts in this important area.

Please accept my very best wishes for your success in the future.


Al Gore

AG/j ec


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