Recycle Rally Inspires New Hot Wheels® Vehicle

An alternative fuel vehicle that led a 1,600-mile educational convoy through the heartland of America is among Mattel's newest Hot Wheels cars.

Mattel's Ford F-series CNG pickup is a die-cast metal replica of the compressed natural gas vehicle that led the Ford/E Patrol Recycle Rally to elementary schools, museums, aquariums and zoos from Dallas to Detroit earlier this year. The two-month series of free public events was sponsored by Ford Motor Company to promote recycling and environmental awareness.

Featuring the bold green E Patrol logo on its doors, and a vivid four-color paint job over its body, the new Ford/E Patrol Hot Wheels truck is now available nationwide. Like many other Hot Wheels vehicles, it retails for around $1.00 and is guaranteed for life by the manufacturer.

The unique design for the vehicle was created by PlaNet Productions, Inc., creators of television's E Patrol syndicated environmental messages. "With today's six-to-12-year olds, when you talk about the environment, you're not talking about some passing fad -- you're talking about their immediate future," says Laura Lombardi, president of PlaNet and founder of E Patrol. "These kids care about alternative fuel vehicles."

Ford Motor Company is a leader in the application of alternative fuel technology. "Although only one full-size E Patrol version of this truck was created," explains John Nens, Ford Motor Company marketing specialist, "the Ford F-series CNG pickup is, in fact, a production vehicle, available from many Ford dealers across the United States."

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Hot Wheels brand. Today it is the number one brand of 1/64 scale die-cast replica vehicles, popular among some 15 million American boys ages three to 10, and a favorite collectible among the 41 million adults who have grown up with Hot Wheels since its 1968 introduction.

PlaNet Productions, Inc. is an environmental marketing company that syndicates television messages, produces marketing programs and events, creates educational materials and licenses consumer products, all under the E Patrol ® brand, the national brand For Kids Who Care About The Earth. E Patrol teaches children simple, achievable things they can do within their homes, neighborhoods and schools to improve the environment for everyone. PlaNet is headquartered in the Kansas City area community of Olathe, Kansas.

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